We shall go on till the end. / We shall fight in MOOsaico, / We shall fight in Necro and Lambda, / We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, / We shall defend ourselves, whatever the cause may be. / We shall fight on the Clock, / We shall fight on the Central Hall, / We shall fight on MOO Picnics and Dinners, / We shall fight in the folders. / We shall never surrender!

Bend Over 'coz we're right behind you!!

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    News of the world

    Software Patents
    If you are in the least involved with software development, and you're European, take a minute to read this

    HAL 2001
    We are @hal2001!
    People from our staff is at this moment at the University of Twente, as members of the phibernet HAL 2001 task force. We do expect to have live coverage, news and photos of the event here (but only in portuguese). Stay tuned.

    International bookburning in progress
    cDc communications and HACKTIVISMO as released a statement concerning the growing censorship in web access. Please take some minutes, and read it here. A FAQ is also available.

    Latest from Pulhas

    29 Aug 2003
    Yeah, it's been a while since we've written anything at all in here. You know how it goes: life, work, drink, work, sex, work, the occasional wife&kids...;
    Anyway, you might have noticed we changed our homepage in protest against Software Patents in Europe. Please go read this site to understand what's going on, and make your own protest. Thanks!

    Sometime in 2002
    Our pitiful attempt at a portal was taken down. We finally realized it was a stupid idea :-)

    06 Jul 2001 Do you ever needed a search engine for your site? Of course. But it's so simple, that you should not remember the need. You can use the amazing google capacities to do that for you. Just take a tour to here and take a peek to the source.

    01 Feb 2001
    Hackers and security must be this month's hot news; We've been featured in portuguese press. Again. This time, a cute little magazine named PCWin ran an article exposing "the truth about the portuguese hacker society". Not a bad article, actually. Most of what they wrote was accurate, even though some of it was too... dramatic. When describing us, they were short and precise: "the oldest portuguese group, well known, even though it's members are unknown". Good reading material, if you ignore the "undergound" folklore.

    13 Nov 2000
    Our portal went from Alpha to Beta. A few minor bugs have been fixed, and the Pulhas Search Engine Service has been integrated into it.

    07 Nov 2000
    Our WAP Advisories have been upgraded! You can now read the full description and possible solutions for all bugs listed. Each item has its own link. Enjoy it at http://wap.ulh.as/, anytime, anywhere. (WML Browsers only!)

    To Do list

    Pulhas' mailing list
    To inform you about changes in our website, security updates, new tools, new mailing lists, whatever...

    Pulhas' forum
    A slashdot look -alike forum, but to discuss security stuff.