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A image free website (rare this days).
Excelent collection of advisories and DoS attacks, poetry, web page hacks, and more. They have given up mirroring defacements in 2001, but the site is still worth a visit.
A great site for attack stats and security tools reviews. These guys also collect advisories and DoS attacks.
And... This is probably the most complete mirror of web defacementes, nowadays.

Another hacking and cracking web page, with a lot of good articles about the subject. Check it out.

Help Net Security
HNS provides up to date information about the hacking world.
They are starting also a Advisories and DoS Attacks section.
A must see, the HNS' bookstore.

HERT stands for Hacker Emergency Response Team and is an international non-profit organization based in France.
Exactly like CERT, the US counterpart, the first goal is to provide accurate information about computer security vulnerabilities, provide incident response services to sites that have been the victims of attacks, publish security alerts and find new vulnerabilities.

is a full-disclosure UNIX security mailing list, started by Scott Chasin <[email protected]>. To subscribe to bugtraq, send mail to [email protected]. The content of the mail is irrelevant. Scott has been archiving this list on the web since late 1993. It is searchable with glimpse and archived on-the-fly with hypermail. Enjoy!

hacker news network
The Hacker News Network's mission is twofold. Their first mission is to deliver the real news from the computer underground for the computer underground. The reporting will not be dumbed down to match the computer illiteracy of the average TV viewer. Their second mission is to report the activities of the underground without the biases of the mainstream media. You will not see the terms "hacker" and "criminal" used interchangeably, nor the phrases "brilliant misguided youth" and "script kiddie".


Toxyn Technologies Inc.
Phear your data

L0pht heavy industries.

Cult of the Dead Cow
Great bunch of nice clean cut guys.

Chaos Computer Club
the Chaos Computer Club is a galactic community of human beings including all ages, genders, races and social positions. We demand unlimited freedom and flow of information without censorship.


Happy Hacker
Carolyn Meinel is the self-portraied guru of internet security, and author of classics such as The Happy Hacker ("alter DOS commands so, for example, dir instead gives the del command, heh, heh...") and Uberhacker! ("How to break into Windows 95 within seconds from the console"). And yes, she actually takes herself seriously...