26th Sep 2002 [SBWID-5302]
	AOL Instant Messenger file transfer hijacking
	In Joseph Musso a.k.a. Sil [www.silenttech.com] post :
	When AIM gets a connection request or tries to connect to  someone  else
	it acts as a server, the program I made rapidly tries to connect to  the
	target IP(every 450 milliseconds) on port  4443(Direct  Connection)  and
	5190(File  Transfer)  it  then  intercepts  the  connection  and  steals
	whatever data the  target  sends,  they  can  receive  text  from  their
	"friends" but they cannot send it because all data they send  gets  sent
	to you, I don't know the Oscar protocol, but I'm sure that if you  where
	to use it, you could send text back to the IM as the "friend"  or  maybe
	as a fake screen name, this could be  used  to  trick  the  person  into
	giving you passwords or personal information, even if  the  person  just
	happened to send something like "passwords.txt" to their  "friend",  you
	now have those passwords.
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